Japan Graphologist Association was founded in January 1994, as a group established with a purpose to bring up graphologists in Japan and to raise their status in the office.

Handwriting is a trace of human's action - writing, the scientific analysis of which can reveal our tendency of behavior so that we can utilize it effectively to grasp aptitudes or strong/weak points, and to improve behaviors.

This association, which owes its establishment greatly to Koshu Morioka, the present chairperson, is expected to develop remarkably in the future.

Publications to TV / newspaper / magazine

2009/1/2 TBS-TV "Ningen Kantei X"
2008/12/23 Japan Times - WORDS to LIVE by
2008/11/13 Sankei-newspaper (2008/11/13 reproduction without notice is prohibited)

2008/5/7 FUJI-TV Hapi-Ful!
2008/4/20 TV-TOKYO Tokoton-Hatena
2008/3/8 TV-ASAHI Pure-Miya!
2008/1/6 FUJI-TV Appare!! Sanma the profs
2006/10/8 FUJI-TV Waratte-iitomo! Weekend special

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