What is the Graphology?

The theory of the Graphology - handwriting diagnosis

The handwriting is a trace left as a result of human action "writing". And, with the thing which a tendency peculiar to an individual acting for an action by all means accompanies, it appears in the handwriting, too. Therefore, it may be said that a characteristic (a handwriting characteristic) that emerged in handwriting is a characteristic of the tendencies to action of the people who wrote it.

The depths psychology brings the characteristic of the tendency to action.
For example, a rashness person who does something without pausing in everyday behavior, would adhere between characters when he write characters.
Conversely, the leisurely person would open between characters widely when they writes them.
In this way, the everyday behavior reflects handwriting characteristic by all means.

This handwriting characteristic and the principle of the correspondence with the other actions are supported by not only the theory charge account by the consideration of the depths psychology but also the data of statistics.

Handwriting characteristic

The peculiar tendency appearing in the handwriting by every person is named a handwriting characteristic or a writing habit.

The characteristic is divided into two kinds roughly.

A characteristic for each character
The character of the upward slant to the right.
The character of the leaning to the left.
There is a long line projecting in a bar / a horizontal line.
There is a batter in the space in the character.
A characteristic as a position on the writing paper
In postcards paper of the standard norm, is that a relatively big character or a small character?
How do you take the blank of top / bottom / right / left?
Does the line bend or rather straight?

The characteristics above are subdivided and distributed between 72 items, and it is commented in "a handwriting characteristic manual" issued by the association.

The situation in foreign countries - outside of Japan

There is the history of a long study in the West and is particularly prosperous in France, Germany, Switzerland and U.S.A.
Above all, a graphologist (on the pretence of graphologue) becomes a qualification to follow a national qualification in France since end of 19th century and has equal authority with a doctor / a lawyer / an accountant.

The work contents of the Graphologist

  1. Estimate personnal characteristics by analyzing handwriting, and report financially, a tendency to love, health, occupational appropriateness.
  2. Offer an opinion for a characteristic and behaviour that candidate's handwriting shows, by the request from the company as a reference.
  3. Contribute to a company by applicating to personnel transfer and business activities.
  4. Contribute to vocational counseling in educational case.
  5. Councel affinity and human relations.

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