Koshu Morioka - career
1933 born in Kagawa prefecture - real name is Hiroshi Morioka
1959 graduated the psychology department of Tokyo University (wrote a graduation thesis on "form analysis"j

work for some companies in a section of personnel matters and labor management
1975 found a school of Shodo - brush calligraphy
1980- devoted to a graphology study
1982 found Sogeikai - School of Shodo Education
1983 published "Hissoh Handan" by Kobun-sha
other publishments;
"Hisseki ga Unmei wo Kaeru" by Kadokawa-shoten
"Shacho no Hisseki-gaku" by Eichi-shuppansha
"Graphologue no Himitsu"by Mioshin-shuppan
1984 published "Sogei" monthly issue for Shodo student - continued at present
1985 become Metropolitan Police Department part-time service handwriting appraiser
1992 started the work of upbringing graphologist
1994 found Japan Grapholog Association - currently "Japan Graphologist Association"
1999 published "Honto no Seikaku ga Hisseki de Wakaru" by Junpou-sha
2000 published the 1st Japan Graphologist Association bulletin "Hisseki"
-2007 Aug over 300 statement reports of expert opinion for handwriting presented to the court
large number of other reports of observations, opposing arguments and suggestions have been issued

Current job
Mayor of Sogeikai School of Shodo Education
Chairperson of Japan Graphologist Association
A director of Sogeikai Institute for handwriting analysis

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